Muslim attackers vandalize Church and Christian colony in Pakistan

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Lahore: July 30, 2013. (PCP)

Muslim mob equipped with lethal arms attacked Christian Colony Shad Bagh in metropolitan area of Lahore on July 28, 2013, vandalizing a Catholic Church and homes of Christian injuring one Christian with bullet wound in broad day light, reports CLAAS, a non-governmental organization.

Christians injured by Muslim mob

Muslim mob attacks church

According to CLAAS report issued here today, says “On Sunday July 28, 2013 at about 4:00 pm, a local resident Martian Javed Michel (Social Activists) informed CLAAS about the overwrought situation of Christians and Muslims in Shad Bagh Amir Road near Joseph Colony Lahore. It was also informed that infuriated mob of Muslims attacked on the houses of the local Christians and one Catholic Church with deadly weapons. CLAAS team including Mr. Sohail Habel (Finance Manager) Mr. Asher Sarfraz (Field Officer) and Saleem Gabriel, Samuel Paraya rushed to the occurrence place to help the Christians and find out the real facts”

The Christian residents told CLAAS team that a Muslim Television Cable Operator named Faisal Butt who has a criminal background and has a worse attitude towards Christians. He used to take some extra fee charges of TV cable connection from Christians. About a month ago Faisal Butt and his companions had a dispute with a Christian woman/widow and beat up the woman and her children on the demand of extra fee of cable. Faisal Butt was using the place of Babu Younis (a Christian) for railing the boasters of cable connection in this area for last many years and he has about 3 helpers in his work.

On July 28, 2013 at 2:00 pm one of his helpers named Asad was collecting the cable fee in the Christian Colony Shad Bagh. He also came to Babu Younis house and asked for the fee. He informed Asad that they are using his house to fix the Cable Boaster to supply the connection, so why they pay the money. Asad forced to Babu Younis to pay the money as cable fee, then Babu said that it should be a free cable connection for him otherwise they will remove this boaster from his house. Asad became furious and started to beat him. Neighbor Christians gathered there to help and saved Babu Younis and the matter was resolved.

After one an hour Faisal Butt came along with a group of 30-35 persons armed with deadly weapons to Christian Colony Shad Bhag. They began to open fires in the air and also started throwing stones and bricks on the Christians houses. They also attacked on the Catholic Church and break the glasses of the church windows. They were calling the names of Christians loudly and using a slang language for them.

Riaz Masih s/o Babu Younis received a fire on his leg and get severely injured. Vejay Masih s/o Niamat Masih who was already a patient of cancer, he got injury by stroking butt of pistol in his forehead. There were few others who got injuries. They fired on Christian houses for one hour and later they left the place with the severe threats to Christians to burn their houses same like Joseph Colony if they take legal action against them.

Local residents shared with CLAAS team that Chaudhry Shahbaz MPA (Member of Provincial Assembly) Muslim League -N ruling party in Pakistan in supporting Faisal Butt in his criminal activities. Team went with Babu Younis to the concerned police station Shad Bagh Lahore to lodge a legal case FIR (First Information Report) against the Faisal Butt and his companions for this violent attack. On the same day Police arrested the main accused Faisal Butt while others were absconded.

Please pray for the injured Christians that May the Lord our God cure the wounds of innocent victims of this violent attack. The above said information is based on the preliminary facts of the incident and the CLAAS will share its full and detailed report soon.

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