Seattle Muslim Arrested For Running Child-Sex Prostitution Ring

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Muslim child sex trafficker.

Muslim child sex trafficker.

Yussuf Abdulle has been arrested on charges of kidnapping girls and forcing them into prostitution.

Abdulle kept the girls as virtual slaves, forcing them to have sex with different men three to seven times a day. He drugged them with marijuana, ecstasy and meth.

One of his victims told police that he would sleep near the door of his apartment with a gun and told her that if she tried to leave, she’d pay the price.

As Pamela Geller notes of this case:

And so it begins, or should I say, continues. This is the very same Islamic pattern that we have seen in the UK, where hundreds of Muslim men have been arrested (and scores convicted) of gangraping and trafficking in underage non-Muslim girls. The British press euphemistically call them ‘grooming gangs.” Grooming. Yeah, right.

Just last month, a Washington State muslim raped a 12-year-old girl he claimed was dressed “provocatively.”

This is consistent with Islamic teachings — the taking of infidel women as sex slaves is in accordance with Islamic law. And considering the sheer volume of rings — hundreds of Muslim men — of course the mosque and their religious clerics were involved. Jihad is promoted in the mosque as well. In all cases, the perpetrators were Muslim men and the victims were underage non-Muslim girls.

This isn’t new in the U.S. In 2011, an extensive Muslim-operated sex trafficking ring was broken up in Minnesota and Tennessee: Major pedophile Somali-Muslim sex gang busted in Minnesota and Tennessee. | Newsnet 14.

The more Muslims who come to the U.S., the more rapists and prostitution rings will be established – and more women will die, be tortured or be degraded by these heartless Islamists.




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