British Archbishop: No More Weapons For Syrian ‘Rebels’ (Islamic Terrorists)

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Jihad fighters from as far away as China have joined up to fight Obama’s war against the secular government of Syria

According to, leaders of Britain’s largest churches are calling for an end to supplying weapons to the so-called “Syrian rebels” who are nothing more than Islamist terrorists.

As Patrick Goodenough reports:

Growing awareness of the particular difficulties faced by Christians in the civil war comes amid ongoing debate in Western countries about arming anti-Assad rebels. Some Arab Gulf states already have been doing so for more than a year, while the regime is supported by Russia, Iran and its Hezbollah ally in Lebanon.

Welby, the titular head of the world’s Anglican (Episcopalian) church, made the comment at a meeting hosted by the religious freedom advocacy group Open Doors U.K. and Ireland, which launched a petition and special report highlighting the plight of Syria’s Christian minority.

“It’s absolutely clear that Christians in Syria are being persecuted,” he said. “We know for example that in many areas of Aleppo – historic Christian areas since the first century – people are being chased out in large numbers.

Reuters also reports that the UK Parliament has won veto power over any decision to send the Syrian terrorists any weapons systems.

Reuters notes:

Britain says it has not yet taken any decision to arm rebels fighting to topple President Bashar al-Assad, but its role in helping to lift a European Union arms embargo on Syria in May fuelled speculation it was planning to do just that.

The lower house of parliament voted by 114-1 to back a motion requiring the government to seek its “explicit prior consent” for any future decision to provide lethal assistance.

Though symbolic, the move is significant as it means Cameron will find it almost impossible not to give parliament a vote on the issue, something government sources say would amount to an effective veto over any decision to supply arms.

No Western nation should be supplying weapons systems to Islamic terrorist killers. We are effectively funding our own destruction and the murder of Christians and other non-Muslims in Syria.

Read more on this at CNSNews and at Reuters.

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