CAIR Attacks Professor For Linking Islam To Terrorism

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The Hamas-front group Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is attacking Professor Jonathan Matusitz for accurately stating that there is a connection between Islam and global terrorism.

The professor is an expert on Islamic terrorism, teaches a course called “Terrorism And Communication,” and has authored a book, Terrorism And Communication: A Critical Introduction.

Matusitz presents clear reasoning why countries should resist the spread of Islam because Islam is a culture of violence and conquest. He asks: “How can you change a movement in which you have 1.5 billion members? It’s impossible. We just have to resist it and just elect people who are willing just to resist it and just be true American. That’s the only answer. We’re not going to change Islam.”

According to CAIR national spokesman Ibrahim Hooper: “What he [Matusitz] is teaching his students at UCF is just raw, anti-Muslim hate.”

No, Matusitz is teaching his students the truth about Islam – and that’s something radicals like Hooper don’t want revealed in colleges across America. CAIR is part of what’s known as the Muslim Mafia.

William J. Murray, founder of the Religious Freedom Coalition and the Government Is Not God Political Action Committee (GING-PAC) was on the Radical Islam and National Security panel with Professor Matusitz at The Awakening, a gathering of social conservatives in April of this year. Murray was the first speaker and discussed the danger that Saudi Arabia poses to freedom around the globe.

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