Is Christianity Disappearing In Middle East?

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One of many bombed out churches in the Middle EastWith the help of Barack Hussein Obama, Christianity appears on the verge of becoming extinct in the Middle East.

Obama’s aggressive pro-Islam foreign policy is toppling secular Muslim governments and helping to install Muslim Brotherhood or Al Qaeda-style governments in their place. Syria, Egypt and Libya are three of the most recent examples of Obama’s Islamist foreign policy.

The Rev. Andrew White, pastor of an Anglican church in Baghdad tells of the “terrible suffering” of Christians in Iraq. In the last ten years since Saddam Hussein was killed, 1,026 of his church members have been killed – 58 in one day. Iraq’s Christian population has shrunk from 1.5 million to around 200,000.

Rev. Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali has noted:

Very prominent church leaders have said in my presence that a truly Islamic state will guarantee the freedoms of non-Muslims. Well I beg to differ! I don’t think there is a single historical instance of this happening anywhere.

Democracy is not enough. It can simply mean the feeling of the majority. In the Egyptian context, the question is not achieving power through the ballot box, but whether there is a willingness to give up power through the ballot box. That’s the other test of democracy.

The Egyptians learned the hard way about “democracy” when they elected Muslim Brotherhood tyrant Mohammed Morsi by 51% of the vote. They voted in a totalitarian and have just removed him from office – thanks to a pro-Western military.

Islam is incompatible with democratic government. It is a theocratic, authoritarian system that views human freedom and religious liberty with disdain.

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