US Must Support Egypt’s Anti-Islamist Revolution

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A leading Egyptian dissident who spoke out against the regime of former President Mubarak now calls for the removal of the Islamist regime in Egypt and for a new secular constitution. – Editor

UPDATE: Islamsit Morsi removed from power by military.

By Tawfik Hamid (

Tawfik Hamid

Tawfik Hamid

After one year of Muslim Brotherhood member Mohamed Morsi’s presidency, millions of Egyptians-in an unprecedented scene-poured into the streets of Cairo to say NO to Political Islam. This is probably the first time since 9/11 that Egyptians have dared to publicly reject Political and Radical Islam in such huge numbers.

US support for Mohamed Morsi now appears to be pointless as the vast majority of the population is turning against him. It would seem his collapse is inevitable.  

Any attempt by the US to push the military to support Morsi is a form of suicide for the Military as literally tens of millions are turning against him, while only tens of thousands are remaining loyal. Additionally, the Egyptian military-which has the support of more than 80% of Egyptians, according to recent surveys-is people-based and not sectarian. This simply means that the military itself may collapse if does not reject Morsi. And if that were to happen, the US would lose the ONLY ally in the country that can protect the Suez Canal and respect the peace treaty with Israel.   

Some may argue that the US needs to support the ballot results. On the surface this may seem reasonable. But is the principle of democratic elections more important than the democratic values it is designed to protect? Are election results more important than such democratic values such as respect for minorities, equality of citizens, and the rule of law? President Morsi has made a mockery of these basic values.  

Egyptian and Arab liberals alike cannot understand why the Obama administration did not take a clear stand against the several anti-democratic actions Morsi took after he came to power. These included seizing all powers in the country, breaking his promise to select a Coptic vice president, encouraging Islamic thugs to surround the Supreme Constitutional Court and threaten its judges if they issued any ruling against Morsi, and above all, cheating in the referendum on the new constitution of the country for the benefit of the Islamists. If Morsi had respected the real values of democracy-the same democracy that brought him to power-the Egyptians would not have turned against him.

The MB religious agenda has added salt to the wound by undermining an already weak Egyptian economy. Their unwillingness to promote the vital tourism industry on the grounds that alcohol and women in bikinis are “un-Islamic” continues to accelerate the downward spiral toward economic collapse.

Morsi’s real agenda is evident in his decision to pardon Jihadists and terrorists-and release them from prison-while ignoring the plight of the pro-democracy liberal activists of the Jan 25 Revolution who helped bring him to power.

Supporting Morsi on the basis that he could control Hamas and prevent it from attacking Israel is patently absurd. Hamas rockets did not manage to reach major Israeli cities until six months after Morsi became President of Egypt. Pretending respect for the peace treaty with Israel is a cynical and rather transparent ruse to encourage Western financial support until the MB is able to consolidate its power. Analysis of MB literature and of the Arabic phrases they use in their media outlets shows quite clearly that their long-term desire is to erase Israel from the map.

It is also important to mention that intervention by the Egyptian military to remove Morsi from office cannot properly be classed as a “military coup” because the vast majority of the population want the military to intervene on their behalf.

Bloodshed seems to be inevitable as Islamists will certainly try to resist the removal of Morsi. But far more blood will be shed if he remains in power. The situation is simply not comparable to what occurred in Algeria in the early 1990’s, when the military refused to transfer power to the elected Islamist president who, in stark contrast to Morsi, was supported by the majority of his population. The Islamists in Egypt will no doubt fight, and doubtless with much violence, but they will not prevail. The military, the police, and the population at large are all united against them.

What is currently happening in the land of Egypt is a battle between Radical & Political Islam and nearly a whole nation that is turning against it. The defeat of the Islamists in Egypt-which is the motherland of the Muslim Brotherhood-will help bring an end to the phenomenon of Radical Islam.  The US by supporting the removal of Morsi will not only be a support for the will of the vast majority of the Egyptians but can also give the most powerful blow to Radical Islam worldwide.


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