Muslims hand out Qur’ans freely in western countries and kill whoever believe differently in Egypt

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Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef exposes the Islamists in his native land

Cairo, 24 June /MCN/

Bassem Youssef:

Bassem Youssef:

Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef denounced the killing of four Egyptian Shiites by Sunni Muslims on Sunday in Giza Governorate.

“Today a Shiite, tomorrow a Sufi, after tomorrow a Copt and a Baha’i, then a Muslim whoever does not accept application of Sharia according to your understanding and, finally, someone you do not like,” Youssef tweeted yesterday.

“Muslims insult other religions and say they are distorted and false. However, they hand out Qur’ans freely in the West, but here we kill who annoys us,” he added.

“If we are saying that it [Islam] is a mercy to the worlds, who would survive of these worlds when you kill people who believe in doctrines you do not like and insult others?” wondered Youssef, who is nicknamed Egypt’s Jon Stewart.

He noted that when a Muslim rejoices for the killing of another Muslim who embraces a different doctrine, he must not get upset when Zionists and Sikhs kill Muslims.

“You are an enemy of humanity, so do not ask to be treated humanely,” Youssef added.

In the light of these incidents, Youssef described Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi as “unifier of dissension and divider of countries.”

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