Muslim Gang Rape & Syrian ‘Rebels’ Behead Boy And Execute Women

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RapeVictimThose over-zealous “misunderstanders” of Islam, the so-called “religion of peace” are at it again.

In Sweden, five Muslim teenagers were sentenced to 100 hours of “community service” for the gang rape of a 15-year-old girl. And, they had to pay a fine of $8,500 each to the victim. Big deal.

The liberal Swedish court decided that this was sufficient punishment for the horrible crime against this unfortunate girl. The judge felt that the boys had also suffered punishment by having their pictures and personal details posted on the Internet. Oh, really? They should have been jailed for the next decade for their crime.

Where’s the outcry about this from leftist feminist groups? Do you hear crickets chirping?

Oh, and then there’s the recent horrific beheading of a boy by “Syrian Rebels” – the ones Obama and John McCain want to arm so they can overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad. Caution: The video is extremely graphic and shows the hideous nature of the Islamic terrorists in Syria. These “rebels” then execute two women.

Has the National Organization for Women spoken out about these horrific Islamic crimes against women?

No, of course not. One of NOW’s leaders, Jerin Arifa, calls herself a “Muslim feminist” and is co-chair of the Young Feminist Task Force. Arifa believes that “Islamophobia, Homophobia and Anti-Choice Terrorism” serve a common goal of oppression of women.

According to Arifa:

Islam gave women the right to own property centuries before the Western world. And while the U.S. has yet to elect a female president, certain Muslim nations, like Pakistan and Bangladesh, have already done so. Virtually every religion has been twisted to serve misogyny — like the Catholic Church, which admitted to forcing nuns who were raped by priests to have abortions — so why single out Islam as an anti-woman institution? My secular husband and I have been visiting the Islamic Cultural Center of New York, whose Imam has argued for women’s rights using verses of the Quran — noting that Islam does NOT give husbands the right to hit their wives, and allows wives just as many rights as their husbands.

This is the NOW “Muslim feminist” response to the brutal oppression of women by Islamists.


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