Abduction crisis as more Coptic women disappear in Egypt

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Editor’s note – Nothing in the Coptic news release directly accuses Muslims of the kidnappings even though all the kidnapped women who are found are in forced marriages to Muslims. The reality under the Obama installed Muslim Brotherhood government there would be some sort of blasphemy charge against the organization. Because I am based in Egypt I am free to state details on the kidnappings than cannot be stated in the majority Muslim nation.

Cairo, 24 May /MCN/

Coptic Abduction Victims

AVAFD collage of a number of abducted Coptic girls

The Association of Victims of Abduction and Forced Disappearance (AVAFD) held several meetings with Western writers and journalists as a first step to convey the issue of the disappearance of Coptic underage girls to the international media and international human rights organizations.

The step aims to circulate the issue in the media internationally and send some reports to the international human rights organizations. AVAFD met with Jean-Marc, a journalist in charge of social issues in the French Le Figaro.

Ibraam Lewis, founder of the association, said the association discussed the beginning of the association, its objectives, work plan and committees with the French journalist.

“The association has filed 45 complaints with the Prosecutor General and a memorandum to the military junta during its rule of the transition period, in addition to memorandums to most of the ministers of interior. It held meetings with Cllr. Hossam Ghiryani, president of the National Council for Human Rights, a number of the council’s members, and a number of members of the Shura Council,” Lewis pointed out.

Lewis noted that the association was able to register about 500 cases of disappearance and abduction of Coptic girls after the revolution.

“The Association has agreed to organize a meeting with the girl returned after kidnapping in one of the provinces of Upper Egypt and the French journalist talked with her about the abduction period, which lasted for 60 days. He saw the removal of the cross from her hand. ,” he added.

“Jean-Marc also met with the family of Christina Abdel Sayed Labib Girgis, 16, who has been absent since January 26, 2012 in Kantara Gharb, Ismailiya, and the family of Nadia Makram, 16, who disappeared on October 23, 2011 in Marg. Nadia disappeared when she was 13 years old and a complaint was filed in 2011.”

“During his tour, which lasted for 7 days, the French journalist expressed surprise at what is happening to Copts of Egypt and the complicity of the security agencies in helping the families of the abducted girls according to the testimony of the families. The journalist wondered the ways of addressing the issue,” Lewis pointed out.

The association met on Thursday evening with Dr. Mohamed Mohi el-Din, professor at the University of Menofiya, who is now conducting a research on the status of religious minorities in Egypt and would be submitted to the European Union. It also met with the researcher Savant Lindgreen at the Lund University, Sweden, who has published a book on the problems of Christians in the Middle East.

The association intends to prepare a documentary that will be produced by BBC after receiving a call from the editors of the channel in London. The arrival of some correspondents from some French agencies is expected in a few days to follow up the issue of kidnapping of Coptic girls.

AVAFD called for the need to enforce the law, revamp counseling sessions and activate the role of Family House on the ground, not in pictures to show hugs between Christian and Muslim clergy on TV screens.


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