Muslims mob attacks destroys Christian shops and Churches in Pakistan

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Gjranwala: April 3, 2013. (PCP) Five Christians were injured with firing, more than dozen shops of Christians were destroyed and Churches were vandalized in Francis Colony in city of Gujranwala when Muslim mob attacked after calls from mosque loudspeakers.

Many injured as Christian homes, businesses and churches attacked by Muslim mob

Many injured as Christian homes, businesses and churches attacked by Muslim mob

There was argument among Christian-Muslim youth of area when Easter Prayers were being offered on Sunday in different Churches in Francis Colony which was objected by Muslims.

The Muslim around Francis Colony used loud speakers of mosque to gather Muslims and asked them to teach lesson to infidel Christians.

Francis Colony is new settlement of Christians on outskirts of Gujranwala on Sheikhupura road surrounded by Muslim residential areas.

The Muslim mob attacked Churches, destroyed Christian,s Shops, damaged households of Christian and injured women and children.

The Christian elders of Francis Colony approached police and requested for safety and lodging of FIR against Muslim attackers but no action was taken.

Today, Muslim mob gathered around Francis Colony and started firing when three Christians received bullet injuries and fifteen were injured with sticks.

The angry Muslim mob set on fire more that fifteen wagons, Rickshaws, buses and trucks on main Gujranwala-Sheikhupura road.

The police also fired live rounds and opened tear gas shells on peaceful Christian protestors who were gathered in Francis Colony to demand justice and action against Muslim attackers. The situation is tense until filing of this story and district administration is trying to calm down situation.

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ZeeNews of India is now reporting on the attacks in more detail:

Lahore: A mob of Muslims attacked a Christian neighbourhood in Pakistan’s central Punjab province following a petty quarrel today, the latest in a string of incidents involving tensions between the two communities.

Police fired in the air and used teargas and batons to disperse both groups, leading to six injured, including policemen.

The incident began when a mob targeted Francisabad Colony of Gujranwala city, 80 km from Lahore, and damaged several shops, homes, cars and motorcycles.

A large group of Christians, some of them armed with sticks, also gathered in the area and clashed with the Muslims.

The wounded were taken to a nearby hospital for first aid. Francisabad Colony is one of the largest Christian settlements in Gujranwala district, with a population of about 2,000 families.

The incident in Gujranwala comes almost a month after a mob of Muslims vandalised and torched some 200 homes of Christians at Joseph Colony in Lahore on March 9.

Trouble had erupted there after a Muslim man accused a Christian resident of Joseph Colony of committing blasphemy.

The latest clash in Gujranwala began last night after a Muslim cleric rebuked some boys from Francisabad Colony for playing music on their mobile phones while passing by a mosque.

Though the boys turned off the music, the cleric accused them of disrespecting Islam, said Samson Salamat, director of the Centre for Human Rights Education.

The cleric allegedly instigated the Muslim community to attack the Christians, Salamat said in a statement.

Another report from Gujranwala said the trouble began after children of the two communities quarrelled during a cricket match yesterday.

“One of the Muslim boys probably told his parents that the Christian boys had spoken against Islam during the quarrel,” a local resident said.

Tensions reached a peak this afternoon when an announcement was made from mosques near Francisabad Colony that “some Christians had committed blasphemy.”

A Muslim mob gathered and marched towards the Christian neighbourhood. Senior police officials of Gujranwala division, Muslim clerics and Christian priests reached the area and tried to control the situation.

Police asked some Christian families to vacate their homes to prevent any untoward incident, officials said.

Footage on television showed the mob pelting stones at policemen, who fired in the air and lobbed teargas. The mob also ransacked a police post.

“We are trying to sort out the issue amicably between the two groups,” Najam Shah, chief of the Gujranwala district administration, told reporters.

He said police would remain in the conflict zone till the situation returns to normal. He condemned the attack and described the situation as “very alarming”.

Salamat demanded that the Punjab government should take steps to stop such “atrocities”.

“The vulnerability of religious minorities, particularly Christians, is increasing day-by-day due to the growing level of intolerance in society.

This intolerance cannot be controlled unless a clear policy is made to eliminate the mindset that is promoting hatred,” Salamat said.



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