Arrested in the UK for saying “Evil-Spawned Death-Cult”

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Whatever You Do, Don’t Say “Devil-Spawned Death-Cult”

From Gates of Vienna

Kevin Carroll

Kevin Carroll

Kevin Carroll, the Chairman of the British Freedom Party, was arrested in Luton on Saturday for making a comment on Facebook.

“Boy oh boy, Baron,” you say, “that must have been a really dangerous comment! What did he do? Call for killing people? Did he incite rebellion against Queen and country?”

Well, actually, no. It wasn’t anything like that. This is what was posted:

“They are all backward savages, a devil-spawned death-cult worshiping all that is unholy and barbaric. Pure evil.”

Screen shots of the comment “allegedly” made by him were provided to the police, and that was enough to have him arrested for the crime of Religious and Racial Hatred. He has now been bailed with conditions, and has to sign in at the police station twice a week.

A reliable source reports that he was on his way to a meeting in Luton when he noticed he was being followed. The men in blue all pulled up around him, with pepper spray, flashing lights, the whole police state rigmarole.

UPDATE: But this is OK: A lecturer at a Muslim Student Union event urged  students “not to be wimps but to be Mojahedeen” who “terrorize the Kaffars” and “look to die in the path of Allah.” Read more

Kevin himself sends this brief account: “They swooped down on me, blues flashing and sirens wailing — you would have thought I was a serial killer or something. Right in the middle of the town center!”

“Religious and racial hatred,” is what they called it. I’ve been bailed again for four weeks approximately, and have to sign on at the police station Tuesdays and Fridays.”

An EDL supporter writes with this recommendation for anti-sharia activists in Britain:

I suggest that everyone posts this [“a devil-spawned death-cult” etc.] as their Facebook status. Let them arrest thousands of us!

All the solicitor has to do is refer to suras in the Koran to find religious hatred in abundance. Then they should go and arrest every Muslim in this country who prays five times a day to this evil book of hate.


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11 Comments to “Arrested in the UK for saying “Evil-Spawned Death-Cult””

  1. JAG GAYNOR says:

    I thought the U.K. had freedom of speech. If it ever comes to this in the U.S. it’s time to revisit 1776, and that, in my opinion, is why they’re making noise about GUN CONTROL. They’re afraid of a revolution, which if they stayed within the CONSTITUTION, they would never have to fear. Great Britain, I am so surprised and disappointed in you as a freedom loving country. Our enemy, mortal enemy, is Radical Islam, and Mr. Carroll is to be praised, not prosecuted for stating the politically incorrect truth. U.K., you are succumbing to Islamic blackmail and extortion. It will be the DEATH OF THE U.,K. as you it. R.I.P. !!!

    • Darrow says:

      England hasn’t had freedom of speech for their own nationals for almost Twenty Years, we also have no right of self defense under any circumstances. It all went wrong when Tony Blair Allowed Sharia Muslims to have their own legal system so they are immune to English Laws. Anything that “Offends” them is outlawed and considered a crime in the UK now and has been for years. Americans really have no idea what life is like in the UK.

  2. JAG GAYNOR says:

    My last sentence should be corrected to read: “It will be the DEATH OF THE U.K. as you KNOW it. R.I.P. !!!”

  3. Shari Sullivan says:

    Great Britain, what has happened to you? How could you turn against your own English people and allow the lowest of low to flourish in your great nation? Muslims are the most evil people on the face of God’s green earth and will stop at nothing to destroy all the good that exists on it. They know how to do it and are succeeding, one country after the next. They are no less evil or hideous than Hitler himself. How could you not allow your own citizens to speak up against the evil of Muslims who now flourish in its towns, cities and countrysides? How could it be hate or racism when you speak up for the very existence and safety of your own beloved countrymen? Freedom of Speech means being able to say what is in one’s own heart without any barriers to that content. It is far easier to toughen the ear of the immigrant than to stifle the voice of a free man.

    • Darrow says:

      Deals with Arabic Oil Barons done years ago by Tony Blair. England has always been a Police State and is now another islamic state with Sharia muslims having immunity from our laws. The image of england people have in the states is entirely fictitious , revisionist propaganda and always has been. Nobody in america believes this till they come here and find out too late.

  4. bob says:

    So, paraphrasing Winston Churchill is now an arrestable offense? How pitiful the once great Brits have become. Grow a pair.

  5. MichaelM says:

    Does anyone else find it ironic that a group called the “Religious Freedom Coalition” is standing so firmly behind a man whose own statements brand him as completely anti-religious-freedom?

    • wjmurray says:

      What is ironic is that you believe that the government has a right to place people in jail for their thoughts. What happens the day your opinions become out of vogue? Will you be ready for the jailer? Face it: The UK is the very example of George Orwell’s Nineteen-Eighty-Four.

      • MichaelM says:

        I’ve said nothing about my beliefs, wjmurray… so I may be able to calm you by telling you this sicko shouldn’t be sanctioned under law at all. I think he’s a hate-pandering demagogue, but that ought to be his right if he feels so moved.

        I just can’t see how “Religious Freedom” can in any way be reconciled with his view that Islam is evil – the implication being that it must be ended, and thus allowing people freedom to adhere to it is a bad thing.

  6. UncleSim says:

    Islam is not our mortal enemy. Our mortal enemy is the govt that locks ppl up for speaking their mind.