Fearing minority atrocities, 550 Hindus flee Pakistan

Sep 6th, 2011 | By | Category: News Posts
Hindus flee Muslim attacks in Pakistan

Hindus hold photos of young girls kidnapped by Muslims and forced into marriage.

Chandigarh/Atari-Wagah Border: Fed up of the fundamentalist attitude in orthodox Pakistanis, around 550 Indians of the Hindu religion arrived in India via the Attari road on Monday. These people have come to India on a one month visa but most of them admitted that they did not want to return back to Pakistan.

The eloping of Hindus from Pakistan continues as the violence against them grows in Pakistan. They have been forced to decamp to India because of a lack of security of their lives. Manohar Lal, who led the group that arrived India on Monday, said they will visit religious places at Amritsar, Delhi, Indore, Mumbai and several other places. He further said they will also pay visits to their relatives. Most of the people wish to settle down in India, he added. Read the rest

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