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As Islamic Terror Attacks Grow President Obama and Speaker Ryan Plan For 300,000 More Middle Eastern “refugees”

Jun 17th, 2016 | By

The Republican majority controlled House and Senate complains about President Obama bringing in tens of thousands of Middle Eastern Muslim refugees to America while at the same time voting to give him funds to do just that when there is amble reason to believe the majority of them won’t assimilate into our culture, and some will pose a real danger.


Washington’s War on the Islamic State Is Only Making It Stronger

Jun 17th, 2016 | By

The caliphate is losing territory in Iraq and Syria, but the U.S.-backed military campaign is stoking sectarian tensions that could spread global jihad. The Islamic State’s international appeal has become untethered from its military performance on the ground.


Chairman’s Report for June 10, 2016

Jun 10th, 2016 | By

In this newsletter: Obama can’t find any persecuted Syrian Christians – 97% of Syrian refugees Obama imported in 2015 were Sunni Muslim – The United States is still arming Sunni fighters in Syria – why? – Lack of diapers for Christian refugee babies is causing severe health problems


Article In Saudi Daily: U.S. Planned, Carried Out 9/11 Attacks

May 20th, 2016 | By

Just prior to President Obama’s arrival in Saudi Arabia in April Saudi daily Al-Hayat published an exceptionally harsh article on this topic by Saudi legal expert Katib Al-Shammari, who argued that the U.S. itself had planned and carried out 9/11, while placing the blame on a shifting series of others – first Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, then Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq, and now Saudi Arabia


The Pentagon Wasted $500 Million Training Syrian Rebels. It’s About to Try Again.

Mar 22nd, 2016 | By

President Barack Obama has signed off on a new plan to train Syrian rebels to fight the Islamic State, a move that comes just months after the Pentagon shut down a more ambitious train-and-equip program that burned through hundreds of millions of dollars with little to show for the effort.


Obama Vs. Jefferson On Islamic Terror

Jan 28th, 2016 | By

Democrats have long heralded Thomas Jefferson (along with Andrew Jackson) as the founder of their Party. i They traditionally hold annual Jefferson-Jackson Day fundraising dinners, and President Obama is one of their most sought after speakers. But this past year, Democrats began to remove any mention of Jefferson’s name from their functions.


Obama State of the Union Ignores Christian Genocide

Jan 18th, 2016 | By

Obama’s January 12 State of the Union made no mention of rescuing Christians from genocide, a term whose policy implications would have run counter to his advocacy of diminished American global leadership. Americans “can’t try to take over and rebuild every country that falls into crisis…that’s a recipe for quagmire,” he stated, the “lesson of Vietnam…”


An Open Letter To Obama On His Christmas Message

Dec 28th, 2015 | By
Church destroyed in Aleppo, Syria by Sunni rebels associated with the Free Syrian Army

The silence of church bells for more than a thousand years across the Middle East bears witness to the conquest and long-standing suppression of Christian societies under Islamic rule. Recent genocidal attacks on Christians by ISIL are sadly but the end-stage of a long series of abuses


Muslim ‘Refugees’ Rioting All Over Europe — It’s Coming Here In 2016

Dec 23rd, 2015 | By

This is the future of America as the Obama Regime moves ahead with its plan to import hundreds of thousands of Islamist “refugees” into our country. So far, there is little congressional opposition to his plan. It is clear that Obama intends on punishing America as much as he can during his last year in office — and the importation of Jihadists and Muslim malcontents into the United States will be his crowning achievement.


Sen. Rand Paul Discusses Saudi Role In Middle East Conflict

Dec 8th, 2015 | By
Senator Rand Paul and William J. Murray

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) appeared on Fox News yesterday morning to discuss Obama’s dismal speech to the nation on Sunday night.