Congressional Campaign to Stop Funding Terror Immigration

Barack Obama promised the United Nations that the United States would take in 10,000 Syrian refugees in Fiscal Year 2016. The Obama administration far surpassed their goal and 12,587 Syrian refugees were admitted into the United States. Of these refugees, only 56 of them were Christians, making up less than HALF of one percent of the Syrian refugees coming into the United States.

However, a whopping 98.2% of these refugees have been Sunni Muslims, and it is the Sunni Muslims who are the ones attacking and killing innocent people in places like Paris and Brussels. All Islamic terror attacks that took place in the US were executed by Sunni Muslims, including the 9/11 attacks, the Orlando shooting and the Fort hood massacre.

For years, Religious Freedom Coalition has been working persistently to convince Congress to acknowledge that Christians are the object of organized genocide in the Middle East. We must stop our government from bringing potential terrorists to our nation while ignoring our Christian brothers and sisters who are being enslaved, raped and murdered by Islamic terrorists.

Send letter below to your Congressmen to show your support of persecuted Christians in the Middle East.

After Secretary of State John Kerry denounced the Islamic State’s genocide against Christians and Yazidis, California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher wrote legislation that seeks to protect our Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East. H.R. 4017, also known as the “Save Christians from Genocide Act” would change the system for visa processing to ensure that victims of genocide receive first priority for refugee and immigration status. Qualifications for this proposed expedited visa processing require that one is:

  • A citizen or national of Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Iran or Libya, or in the case of an alien having no nationality, whose country of last habitual residence was Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Iran, or Libya;
  • A Christian or Yazidi;
  • Seeking refugee or immigrant admission into the United States

If you would like to have post cards for you or others to mail directly to your congressmen and Senators to express your support of Rep. Rohrabacher’s bill and a drastic decrease in the number of Sunni refugees brought into the US, I encourage you to use a regular post card, or print out a letter for friends or family members to mail. The language we are using can be found below. There are also links to a data base to obtain addresses of congressmen and Senators by entering a zip code. I urge you to help us get as many of these cards to Congress as possible.

Print out this text … and if you want to add your comments along with this to your congressman or Senators, please do so. Thank you for helping to stop the enslavement and murder of Christians in Syria.



As your constituent I demand that you support H.R. 4017, “Save Christians from Genocide Act” so that current funding stipulations in refugee relief legislation can be changed in such a way as to prioritize the victims of genocide perpetrated by the Sunni Muslim extremist group Islamic State. Currently, more than 98% of Syrian “refugees” brought to the United States under aid programs approved by Congress are Sunni Muslim. The Christians, who represent 10% of the Syrian population and who are persecuted by Sunni Muslim extremist groups to the point of genocide, should be assisted first. If the funds cannot be diverted to aid those threatened, please end all funding and stop all immigration for refugees from Syria. If you are unwilling to help those persecuted rather than potential Sunni terrorists, then shut down the program!

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