Belfast Bakery Sued For Refusing To Produce Pro-‘Gay’ Marriage Cake

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Homosexuals are targeting Christian-owned bakeries for harassment.

Homosexuals are targeting Christian-owned bakeries for harassment.

Homosexuals around the world appear to be targeting Christian-owned bakeries to force them to bake cakes supporting so-called “gay” marriages. Sodomists are forcing Christians to violate their religious beliefs or face fines or bankruptcy.

The latest incident has taken place in Belfast, Ireland against Ashers Baking Company, a Christian-run business.

Homosexual activists from QueerSpace placed an order for a cake that said “Support Gay Marriage” on it. The cake was to include Sesame Street characters as well.

Colin McArthur runs the business. According to McArthur: “I would like the outcome of this to be that any Christians running a business could be allowed to follow their Christian beliefs and principles in the day-to-day running of the business and that they are allowed to make decisions based on that.”

McArthur has now been sued by the government-funded Equality Commission for Northern Ireland. He supposedly violated the government’s sexual orientation regulations.

If McArthur loses his case, every business in Ireland will be forced to produce materials for causes they disagree with if these causes are related to gender, sexuality or religion.

Freedom of conscience and freedom of religion are being relentlessly attacked by homosexual activists. Fighting back is the only option for McArthur and others like him who have been targeted for harassment by sodomists.

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3 Comments to “Belfast Bakery Sued For Refusing To Produce Pro-‘Gay’ Marriage Cake”

  1. Dorothy Grappo says:

    I think the bakers should go ahead and bake the cakes but ‘accidently’ put some exlax in it. I think it would spoil their so-called honeymoon and go elsewhere for their next cake.

  2. Mike Spaniola says:

    Gays don’t seem very gay do they? So I’ll call it homosexuality. This perversion is being used as just another means of subverting, infiltrating and fundraising for anti-West contingencies, especially those seeking to undermine and destroy religion and sane traditions. But — just as was the case with this political ideology under Stalin in the USSR, once there is no further use for such dissenters, they’ll be tossed to the wolves. Homosexuals are blinded by their immoral, obsessions, arrogant lust and a lack of morality, so they see nothing but good and bawdy times ahead. I call it karma.

  3. marshall goodman says:

    I wonder what will happen when they try ordering a cake at an Islamic-owned bakery? And let’s say the Muslims do bake oblige the happy couple: Will the male “bride” or lesbian “wife” be put atop the cake in a burka? Sounds fitting.